Here are some of the Most Asked Questions;

However, if you cannot find your question on this list, please don't hesitate to contact me



How Do I Make a Custom Order with You?

If you're looking into making a custom order of any kind, you can make these via the Custom Order page. Here you can select which design/colours you desire. When checking out, just be sure to insert as much information and detail as you can into the special requests box, just so that I can get your custom design perfect.

Examples of how you can customise items are as follows;


  • Design (i.e Sunflower/Daisy/Love Heart decals, you could also have it Plain colour with no decals.)
  • Colour of Each Square (each backpack is made up of 4 identical squares - these are fully customisable and can each be a different colour or design, or simply all the same.)
  • Edging/Outline Colour (the colour that joins the squares and goes around the edges of your bag - this can also be the same colour as all of your squares if you're going for a plainer bag.)
  • Strap Colour 
  • Strap Frill Colour (strap frills are completely optional, just be sure to let me know if you're interested in them in the special request box.)
  • Tie Cord Colour 


  • Design (i.e Sunflower/Daisy/Spiral, it can also be plain colour with no design.)

  • Colour of Each Square (each hat is made up of 4 design squares for the sides, and a plain square for the top of the hat - you can choose these all to be the same colour, or if you'd prefer they could all be different!)

  • Hat Edging  (this is optional, if desired you can choose a contrasting colour to go along the edges of the brim of your hat.)

You can also make custom design queries by sending me an email or sending me a message on either my Facebook or Instagram page.


How Long will my Order take to Arrive?

At the minute, orders are taking around 1-2 days to be made & posted out to you. However, this is subject to change depending on how many orders I receive that week as all orders are made and posted just by little old me! However, if there is a slight delay with your order, I will inform you on this.


Are Your Bags Fully Lined Inside?

Yes, they are!  After a little (a lot) of trial and error with creating and wearing my bags (both backpacks & pouches), I noticed that due to the nature of the wool and how they're made, the bags are very delicate and using these bags without a proper lining inside proved problematic, therefore now that I sell my bags, they come fully lined inside to keep your belongings safe, however I will say that these are NOT heavy duty bags. They're only designed to take a few items inside, so nothing too heavy.

What Wool Do You Use?

My products are primarily made up of Stylecraft DK wool, which is made up of 100% acrylic wool. However, some items may vary depending on whether they're one off items, or something else, but this will be stated in the description box.